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Name:Fiery Ice- ASOIAF Challenge Community
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Welcome to Fiery Ice, an ASOIAF (A Game of Thrones), interactive challenge community. It is based on the myriad of such challenge or land communities found on LJ such as jjverse or whedonland.

What We Do:

We have fun with our favorite series- A Song of Fire and Ice. There are three teams, house_lannister, house_stark and house_targaryen that you may choose from to join, then you compete in many different activities to earn points for you house- culminating in earning the 'throne' for the season. There will be three seasons in a year- Spring (April 1st - July 1st), Summer (July 2nd- October 1st) and Winter (October 2nd - March 1st). There will be a Tournament from March 2nd to March 31st)

How Points Are Earned:

The challenges from which you earn points will vary but come from the following categories:

Graphics- Icons, banners, sig tags, wallpapers, gifs, color bars and any other kind of graphic
Games- Crosswords to soduku to random luck games, trivia and everything in between will make up this category of challenges.
Writing- Drabbles, haikus, ficlets, six word stories, round robin stories- just a sample of the writing challenges that will be offered here.
Gift-giving- Who doesn't like to receive give gifts? There will be gift giving opportunities where you can create items for other users to earn points for your team.

Rest assured, you will be able to find challenges that suit your talents and schedule.


1. Due to the nature of the series and the show, ratings on submissions may range from G to NC-17. I am not going to limit the rating, but if you do post something that is not safe for work, contains nudity or excessive foul language and violence- something you would normally attach an NC-17 rating to, please place it behind a cut and warn appropriately. I do not want to hear complaints about properly cut, warned and rated entries- if nudity, sex, violence, and foul language so offends you, perhaps ASOIAF isn't the fandom for you...

2. Be respectful. Wank will NOT be tolerated. Personal attacks on members, their Houses, choice of pairing/favorite character/etc., or even the characters and Houses of the series itself, will not be tolerated. There is a difference between friendly rivalry and vicious, hurtful attacks.

3. A land community is dependent on the activity of its members. If you do not participate (oh, and to make sure you read the rules, please place the motto of House Stark, Targaryen or Lannister in the application where it asks if you read the rules) in at least two activities per month, you will be cut from your House. Please feel free to reapply when you have the time. If you know that you are going to need a month or two off- let a mod know and we will grant you a leave of absence, holding your spot on your team's House- but if you don't let us know, your spot will not be reserved.

4. When submitting graphics for challenges that will be voted on, please use an anonymous service such as imgur or tinypic.

5. PROMOTE! Land comms will not thrive without participation AND growth. Feel free to promote- you will earn 10 points for your House for each active member you recruit (regardless of what team they join). If you promote this community in your journal upon applying and provide a link or screencap of post, you will earn 10 points for the House you join.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Please fill out the following application HERE:

We will do our best to place folks on their first choice of Houses, but it is not always possible, and you might end up with your second choice. Or even your third. We will offer you the chance to foster if we find we have to place you in your third choice to keep teams even.

It isn't very fun nor fair to have unbalanced teams, just as it is not very fun to sit and have to wait to be assigned a team. I have a solution- fostering. Just as members of the Great Houses of Westeros would send their children to foster with other Houses- either voluntarily or in the case of Theon Greyjoy, a little less than voluntary- I offer folks the opportunity to volunteer to be fostered so the teams will be even and they may start participating without waiting for the teams to be balanced.

Applications asking for House Stark will be asked to foster or will have to wait until some more Targaryens and Lannisters join.

Your original House will earn points at the end of each month depending on your activity during your foster time, while the House you are fostered to will get all the points you earn in challenges. Minimum requirements met (2 activities per month) earns your original House 15 points per month, 4 activities per month- 30 points per month, 6+ activities per month earns 45 points for your original House.

You will receive a specialty sig tag indicating your original House, and your foster status.

Please indicate if you are willing to be fostered in your application.

Please keep in mind that you might not get your first choice of teams- this isn't a sorting community (although there is a stamping community in the works) and we want to keep the teams as even as possible. If for some reason you do not feel comfortable on the team you get- after giving it a go with active participation, contact one of the mods with your concerns and we will see what we can do. At the end of each season, folks will receive an opportunity to change Houses if they so desire- keeping in mind the need for balance.

House Mottos:

Lannister- Hear Me Roar
Stark- Winter is Coming
Targaryen- Fire and Blood

Affiliates (most are on LJ):
Fringeverse - For all your Fringe Land Community fun!
Starfleet HQ - A Star Trek Land Community
Star Trek Land - A Star Trek Land Community
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